PageCUES are graphical markers which slide onto the pages of your books and magazines to highlight pages of interest. A great way to add a touch of style and organisation to your bookshelf. Each design is produced on its own vibrant coloured card, a set consists of ten pageCUES and each one has a different graphic image based on a central theme ‘Architecture’, ‘Woodland’, ‘Parklife’ and ‘Food’. Produced entirely within the UK from sustainably sourced card made in the Lake District and once the product has had a long and useful life it can be easily recycled along with your magazines. They have featured in many blogs and magazines such as Elle Deco.

ARCHITECTURE PAGECUES – Create a city skyline along your books with bookmarks shaped like iconic buildings. Inspired by the world of architecture, the illustrations feature classics like Le Corbusier’s Notre Dame du Haut , Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Made from a vibrant yellow card, Architecture themed bookmarks will appeal to those with a love of design, travel or architecture and would make a great secret santa gift. A practical and unique stocking filler for friends, colleagues and family and a great corporate gift to send out to clients.

WOODLAND PAGECUES – Plant a tranquil woodland scene among your books with these nature inspired bookmarks, each one illustrates plants and wildlife found on your perfect woodland walk, including squirrels, pine cones, flowers, mushrooms and trees. Made from a vibrant fresh green card, Woodland themed bookmarks will appeal to those with a love of the great outdoors and make great Christmas stocking fillers, Birthday or thank you gifts for a gardener or a walker.

FOOD PAGECUES – Mark your favourite recipes with these vibrant and mouthwatering page markers, each one different and inspired by a selection of sweet and savoury treats such as cup cakes, cheese and biscuits, noodles and a knickerbocker glory.

PARKLIFE PAGECUES – Capture the fun of the park with these playful card page markers, includes illustrations of swings, joggers, cyclists and a dog walker. Made from a vibrant ocean blue card, Parklife themed bookmarks are a great little gift to give from a child to child minders, nursery staff or teachers and Grandparents will love to receive these from their grandchildren reminding them of their trips to the park together.

It is a great present for students as they can be used to tag your revision notes or text books in a fun and inspiring way. Perfect as a Christmas, Birthday or thank you gift, pageCUES can be sent instead of a card or given with a book to make a really unique present.

PageCUES are approximately 7cm height and come attached to a card 21cm x 14cm. The perfect size so they can be easily sent through the post with a card.

pageCUES can be purchased from our Etsy shop