About Us

Studio Gilbert13 is the creative partnership between husband and wife, Angela and Mark Gilbert.  We are designer makers crafting exciting creations to furnish, decorate, give and hopefully treasure for years to come.

From our base in Bolton in the North West of England we take inspiration from the world around us, our imaginations are fired up by the outdoors and we enjoy working with natural materials creating sustainable products. We love experimenting and playing around with new techniques and a central theme to our work has been using a combination of digital processes with hand crafted  techniques to create our unique range of products.

We also work with individuals, business owners, museums, schools, community groups, charitable organisations and many more producing sculptures, merchandise, signage, promotional products, personalised gifts, museum exhibits and delivering workshops.  We use a variety of materials and a range of techniques including 3D printing, lasercutting and 3D scanning depending on the nature and requirements of the project.